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LuTr Advisors has turned out to be a very succesful concept that inspires and brings together entrepreneurs in the Netherlands,Belgium and since 2015 also in Southeast Asia.

Our main goal is to advise your business about sales, online marketing, branding and product development. We show you how to increase you online presence, how to find new clients in new markets and we help you find new suppliers in different parts of the globe. In 2015 it is important your business participates in new ways and we can show you how.

luuk traa

Luuk Traa


"I'm always looking for new opportunities and innovative solutions. I started LuTr Advisors to be able to help other businesses expand."

Luuk Traa

Stef Traa

Stef Traa

Business development consultant and quality control Asia

"Active in China and Southeast Asia, contact me for more information"

Stef Traa


Timo Hogendoorn

Online marketing consultant

"Ask me anything about increasing your online presence"

Timo Hogendoorn


Yen Chung Chau

Investment Advisor

"I know everything there is to know about investing in stocks and bonds."

Yen Chung Chau




Our creativity

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Creativity is ver important in our line of advisory and we stimulate all of our entrepreneurs to be as creative as they can be. Our office is decorated in a creative way to inspire everyone in and around it to think out of their box and to stop being afraid and just let their ideas flow.



Our expertise

Here is what we can promise you

LuTr Advisors is 100% ready to learn, help, advise and build you business. We all come from great experiences and learned a lot as entrepreneurs and as intrapreneurs. We can be objective to your internal problems and also align with your feelings as a business manager. We advise you to invite us to your plant, as soon as possible, for a meet and greet.


It is most important to target your market and focus your marketing on a specific target group. We can help you establish your target market by doing research in a different way.


Core Business

The core of our business is helping your firm grow. If we lose track or if we are not sure we are going in the right direction with our clients we always go back to the core which is helping you grow. With this exact same strategy we look at your firm and help it grow.



The value of time is increasing every second and we realise your business wants to move forward. That is why we will try to move mountains for you as long as we do not lose any time doing it. We understand the importance of quick results.


LuTr Advisors

Latest developments

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All the latest LuTr-updates will be shared with our clients and other visitors in our newsfeed. You can read about new personnel, new clients and other developments in our fast-growing business. Make sure you check this page every week for new updates.


New client: Wholesaler of Dutch Cheese.

sep 05 2013 / News business

Last month we congratulated ourselves with a new client in the Netherlands, this month we can be even more happy, cause we are going abroad. With the help and advising of LuTr Advisors, this wholesaler is looking for new business in Europe with a focus on Germany and Belgium. Cheese became more and more expensive the last 10 years and our client wants to make sure this trend is stopped. We are gonna give him all our creative skills and marketingskills we have got to make him an international phenomenon.



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you have questions, we give answers. You have issues, we give answers. You need solutions, we give answers. Don't hesitate to contact us if you want answers to your problem.

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